APS-Advanced Planning and Scheduling System

APS-Advanced Planning & Scheduling System

APS has the ability of “decision support”, which can be adjusted according to abnormal conditions such as shortage of materials, downtime, order insertion, quantity adjustment, schedule adjustment, overtime setting, etc. APS allows planners to quickly develop production sequence.

Components of APS

  • Planning of demand
  • Planning of production
  • Scheduling of production
  • Planning of transportation
  • Planning of distribution
Operational goals:

The global manufacturing industry is facing increasingly severe challenges Manufacturing needs change -lean and agile
Improve the order delivery rate and shorten the planning cycle, meet the delivery commitment and deliver on time
Profit maximization: WIP reduction, inventory reduction, capital release
Improve supply chain operation efficiency, reduce OTD time and increase competitiveness

Consider the integration of supply and demand planning and provide decision support
  • Demand side: business process/order delivery/demand planning
  • Improves forecast accuracy, customer satisfaction improves,
  • Inquiries quickly responds to
  • Delivery abnormal shipment warning
  • Urgent orders, short orders simulate
  • Order delivery monitoring battle
Solve the problem that ERP can’t solve – production scheduling problem
  • Supply side: limited capacity planning / material demand planning / scheduling simulation
  • The influence of supplier’s capacity management and delivery capability on Scheduling
  • Order priority is the concatenation of order, work order and purchase order
  • Visualization of capacity and load Kanban to provide production planning decision support
  • Rescheduling urgent orders, inserting orders and deleting orders
  • Automated scheduling simulation, what if analysis
  • Establish an automatic collection, calculation and response mode for the information needed for order arrival and delivery reply
  • More efficient calculation of material requirement planning
  • Material real-time board is designed to monitor the actual inventory status and consumption rate by using information system