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Voice Cloud

A new generation of voice customer service systems

The era of customer experience has come

“The importance of customer experience has surpassed prices and products”
Customer service

The service process in the future will change.

Most of the current customer service processes are still too cumbersome. Customer service staff cannot grasp customer information and needs the first time; they need to ask and ask again, resulting in a decline in customer satisfaction and a sharp drop in trust in the company.
Voice Cloud’s new generation of voice customer service systems will change your service processes to a more intelligent, convenient, and better customer experience!

Designed for your business

Voice Cloud’s new generation voice service system is specially designed to deal with inquiries and consultation needs from enterprises and customers.
It is suitable for multiple people to receive customer service or integrate multi-point service. This scheme is stable and reliable, and meets the requirements of worldwide enterprises!

SPA(Sales process automation)

Robot voice outbound calls
Replace a large number of development calls made by real people, and the focus manpower on customer business tracking to improve the quality of corporate services.
It can filter your lists efficiently to avoid customer complaints or even blockade caused by repeated development. If no one answers, it will be automatically replayed. After the voice is played, it can be transferred to a live customer service!
Interactive messages
Use text to convey your care, so that customers can receive the most instant messages at any time, so that customers have a sense of intimacy, and are not limited to problems such as busy calls or unanswered calls, so that your messages can be effectively delivered to customers.

Voice Cloud office

Web conference solution
Efficiency of remote office
The best choice of enterprise epidemic prevention
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Voice Cloud

Smarter, faster, and more convenient
Voice Cloud offers more features with complete integration.