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Complete streaming enterprises and  maintain good relationships with suppliers, distributors and customers. The services provided by NewWave help to integrate systems, automate workflow, improve work efficiency, and create the best experience for enterprises.

Industry 4.0

Factory automation and intelligence have become the only way for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry

Cloud integration and digital transformation

The process of integrating different business functions or connecting existing hardware and software into a system is very complicated. However, the benefits that organizations can obtain are enormous. Not only can the organization perform various businesses more efficiently, but the industry can use complete data to make more effective analysis.

Perfect after-sales service

Strengthen the partnership with industrial chain channels. With our solutions, enterprises can open more communication channels, such as e-mail, online conversation and telephone, so as to solve service consultation with dealers and distributors, promote sales, or provide excellent services directly to general users.

Digital Transformation Strategy in Manufacturing

Supply Chain

  • Import supply chain management system
  • Corporate advisory services
  • Business model architecture design
  • Enterprise decision support
  • Advanced planning and scheduling system

Sales and Marketing

  • Real-time tracking of project business progress
  • Business performance management
  • Sales process automation
  • Email tracking of potential customers

After-Sales service

  • Automatically establish contact orders
  • AI robots quickly reply to customer questions
  • Assign work orders by department

We provides you with services and solutions

Exclusive consulting services

Select the most suitable tool for your business to improve operational efficiency

Digital economy transformation

Use innovative technology to change the existing business model.