SPA(sales process automation)

VoiceCloud value add service

Sales process automation service

Liberate the E-marketing personnal from the simple and repetitive work.
Save valuable telemarketing time.
Enterprises can operate with the highest efficiency, the lowest cost and the highest accuracy!

Have you ever faced the following difficulties?

Your marketing automation helper

Telephone is the most commonly used communication tool in daily life, and sound can promote emotional communication.
The development of E-marketing personnel is not easy, and after analysis, there are a large number of lists with very low transaction probability. The automatic dialing operation of the system can also turn the receiver into a real person service, which greatly reduces the time spent on dialing.
It can replace real person to carry out simple and repeated e-marketing dialing operation, so that human resources can focus on customer’s business tracking, and improve the quality of enterprise’s key services.

Interactive messages

By using words to convey your care and information, customers can receive the most instant messages at any time, not limited to busy lines or unanswered problems, so that your messages can be effectively delivered to customers, but also have a sense of intimacy and interaction.
Using the system setting to trigger SMS automatically can let customers reply and interact with each other, so as to reduce the working steps of marketing and customer service, and let personnel have more time to concentrate on their current work.
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