Genesys Cloud

Genesys Cloud

Genesys cloud platform supports the connection of any pipeline, while allowing enterprise employees to provide excellent customer experience. 

Cloud contact center software

The design of the Genesys cloud platform has focused on creating seamless conversations from the very beginning. The integrated solution can provide a unified customer experience across channels. Through a common routing engine for all types of interactions, enterprises can easily control the utilization of work and rest. Mix and match work and rest while ensuring that the conversation is transferred to the work and rest with the most appropriate skills for processing.

Intelligent IVR & all media routing design function

  • Support button and voice recognition function
  • All media routing is realized through unified routing function, including voice / chat / email / messaging

Flexible voice service

  • Support multi-channel record and quality inspection, you can see more detailed results
  • Automatic distribution and workflow of evaluation report
  • You can evaluate all records that pass the Genesys cloud
  • You can search and view the recorded timeline
  • Support preview, progressive prediction and no seat mode dial out

Easy integration with existing enterprise systems

CRM system

It is applicable to all major systems such as Zendesk, so that enterprises can say goodbye to the time-consuming and labor-consuming professional service integration. These out of the box integration solutions are fast to deploy and easy to configure, and can provide intelligent routing, automatic login and screen pop-up for all interaction types.

It can present script information for agents, or it can be based on enterprise CRM system data or store data and shouldu se the third party system data of network service to make decision. Agents can even use the embedded Genesys cloud call monitoring function to operate directly through the enterprise CRM interface or browser based applications.

Hr system

It can keep the information accurate and updated without manual operation. The user portrait, personnel directory, human resource system and SQL database are implanted and processed synchronously, so as to automatically obtain the synchronous two-way data between the enterprise system and Genesys cloud users.

Genesys cloud solution can also be integrated with the current popular single sign on service to make data access more convenient.

Main information of purecloud platform


The number of login agents that an enterprise can support


The number of seats that an enterprise can support


Number of countries that can be supported

6 billion

API requests processed per month

Genesys customers can experience:


Increase in digital sales.


Increase in agent productivity.


ROI in <3 months.

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Genesys Cloud solution

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