BPO/business Process outsourcing


-Business process outsourcing

You no longer need to spend huge amounts of money and time to build a customer service system or train a group of customer service staff!
Enterprises can use the customer service center with the fastest speed, the lowest cost, and the most flexibility!
Multi-language support (Chinese, Taiwanese, English, Japanese, Korean, French,…), 24hr full time, non-holiday, night support

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Whether you need partial outsourcing, full outsourcing or various special needs, the intelligent customer service operation will help you handle it.
All languages ​​are open all year round
Full channel customer service
Information integration of customer service system
Establishment of process carding mechanism

Which industries are suitable for outsourcing customer service?

Regardless of pre-sales, sales, or after-sales, you need customer service to help your business improve customer satisfaction.





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Our service

Professional service

Service quality index

      • The connection rate is over 95%
      • The connection rate in 20 seconds is over 85%
      • Customer service satisfaction is over 90%

Operation report

        • Answering rate report
        • Telephone volume analysis report
        • Telephone data analysis report
        • Customer satisfaction report
        • Customer complaint content analysis report
        • Customer complaint reason improvement suggestions

Service staff quality

      • Quality inspection mechanism of customer service personnel
      • Education and training of service personnel

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